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Zapya is a wireless file sharing software currently used by more than 30 million users. This application will make it easier to share files between two of your devices. Zapya for PC supports sharing photos, videos, apps music, PDF and much more file formats from your Computer to the smartphone. Zapya download can transfer even larger files in an instant with 10 Mbps top speed. Zapya APK is the fastest file sharing app that allows transferring files between Android, iOS, Windows mobiles,  Mac and Windows PCs.

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Zapya PC just takes a second to transfer files between PC and mobile devices. Zapya for PC is a freeware app that you can download. It uses the Wi-Fi connection, So no charges for internet is applied. Without any prerequisite, Zapya download can be installed on any mobile device such that you can transfer files conveniently. But however, keeping data backup seems not sure with some apps. Download Zapya APK (Android) for your device right now and have a super fast file transfer.

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You need to upgrade the device's Operating System to the latest Windows if your Windows OS is an old version to download Zapya PC.

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Zapya APK/ PC/ iOS File Transfer Video Tutorial

Zapya free download app is the most cost-effective method for file transferring among multi-branded mobile device. You can get Zapya PC on the desktop or Zapya Android for sharing files between Android and iPhone, Android and Windows. Zapya for PC is a faster and massive file sharing app downloaded by millions of users all over the world. Download Zapya PC and take the chance for sharing files at any time for any mobile device over Wi-Fi connections.

How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Android [Vice-versa]

Zapya free has some restrictions on file sharing over the network. Sending and sharing of photos and videos from Apple iOS seems crashed sometimes. So you need to start sharing files via Zapya APK from Android to iOS rather than the other way.

Zapya PC is the only tool that supports both the Windows and Mac for faster file transfer over Wi-Fi networks. Get Zapya download for your device and enjoy the speedy file transferring from mobile devices to another in a second.

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Credits for Zapya download and tutorials go to DewMobile, Inc.